A New Year, a New Blog!

TL;DR: Checkout my new photography blog, it’s powered by Ghost!

I’ve become strangely addicted to exploring and photographing new places these past 2 years as I traveled through Europe as a speaker and the US as an instructor at Big Nerd Ranch.

I’ll be blogging about my photographic adventures on my new photography blog.

I’ll keep blogging here (as regularly as usual, lol) on all things code, but the Yellowscale Blog will focus on photography and exploration. So if you like that sort of thing…

Oh, and it’s powered by Ghost—a free, open source blogging platform that embraces minimalism and Markdown. Since it’s written with Node.js and Ember, I’ve felt right at home making tweaks.

Thanks to the super smooth setup, I deployed my first Ghost blog in 30 minutes on OpenShift. It took a little longer (4 hours) to set up SSL, but after some googling the site connects over HTTPS for free!

Expect a blog on the Ghost deployment + SSL process. Best on your own 2016 goals!

Jonathan Martin

Jonathan Martin

Globe-trotting web developer, instructor, international speaker and fine art landscape photographer from Atlanta, GA.

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